• Used for the carriage of liquid cargos, including but not limited to chemicals, fuels, and other hazardous substances
  • Single compartment, insulated and made of stainless steel or can be customized to your requirement
  • Mounted on a mild steel frame
  • Fitted with steam heating and arranged for bottom discharge
  • Available Size & Type: 20’ IMO-1
  • For tank containers aside from IMO-1’s, please contact us for details
General Specifications
Type IMO-1
Tank Size 24,870 liters
Max Gross Weight 27,216 kg
Tare (Empty) Weight 3,310 kg
Payload 23,906 kg
External Dimensions
Length 20'-0"
Width 8'-0"
Height 8'-5"
Position & Size
Inlet 19.05 mm
Outlet 19.05 mm
Manhole 500.38 mm

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