• Designed and engineered to provide reliable and versatile alternatives to conventional ground or ship supplied power sources
  • Portable generators self contained within a 20’ or 40’ ISO container
  • Rated at 275KW+ prime power, they are capable of supplying power to run up to 40 refrigerated containers at the same time
  • Equipped with interlocking power receptacles
  • Available Types: 25-plug, 30-plug, 36-plug & 40-plug
Power Packs
Marathon MagnaMax or Newage Stamford Generator
Fuel/Water Separator
Up to 1,200 Gallon Double Wall Fuel Base Tank with Exterior Fuel Fill Station
Interior Lighting, AC and DC
Exhaust Silencer with Insulation Blankets
CO2 Automatic Fire Extinguisher System
Automatic Oil Level Regulator with 15 Gallon Reservoir
Receptacle Panel with up to 40 Interlocked Power Plugs
Remote Emergency Stop Button
Oil Filtration System
Heavy Duty Vibrator Insulators
Service Access Door
Extra Side Ventilation System

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