Waterfront Container Leasing is an international intermodal equipment company with a head office in the USA, key locations on six continents and an extensive and invaluable network of international partnerships. We buy, sell, own, manage, lease and manufacture marine transportation equipment as well as a wide range of specialized equipment—ISO tank containers, power packs, generator sets, forklifts, terminal tractors (yard goats), container handlers and more.


Waterfront is committed to offering customers competitive leasing rates on short-term, long-term, master and monthly leases for all marine transportation equipment. In addition, customers can log in to Waterfront’s comprehensive equipment tracking system from the home page.


Waterfront offers competitive pricing on all types of new and used intermodal equipment in both domestic and international markets. We maintain an inventory of varied equipment in our worldwide network of depots. We are specialists in sourcing what you need in the intermodal market, whether it be portable offices, cranes, barges, trucks or spare parts. Just ask us. We can help.

Refurbishment / Re-conditioning Services

Waterfront is an international leading supplier of reconditioned power equipment. With facilities in Taiwan and the Philippines, Waterfront offers remanufacturing and re-conditioning services for a wide range of equipment, such as generator sets, power packs, chassis and tank containers.

Equipment Management

Waterfront is an established container manager for both institutional and individual investors. For more information, please contact us.